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enterprise culture

Corporate Orientation: international vision, aluminum for the world.
Brand Characteristics: harmonious combination of modern technology with humanistic life and art.
Corporate Core Value: creating value for customers, creating fortune for dealers, creating welfare for staffs, creating success for boss, and creating benefit for the society.
Corporate Spirit: sincerity, diligence, cooperation and innovation.
Corporate Reputation: high efficiency, service, innovation and win-win.
Operation Idea: basing on quality, supporting with service, expanding the market with brand and improving efficiency with management.
Corporate Goal: confirming the brand as the “High-End Brand Image” Aluminum for the World due to precise market orientation.
Brand Backbone: taking talents as the foundation and art as the soul, pursuing perfection with constant striving.
Brand Embodiment: infinite communication of modern technology and humanistic spirit, extending the connotation and developing the world reputed brand.
Competition Strategy: developing with quality and creating a brighter future with service. Building the brand with quality products and considerate service.
Management Outline: thinking determines the way and detail determines success. Brand Slogan: constant striving, reaching peak.
Brand Slogan: constant striving, reaching peak.
Brand Connotation: cultivating fashionable connotation with classical force.
Brand Value: emphasizing on both profit and benefit, value and fortune, classical and vogue.
View Point on Talents: people oriented, providing the stage for the heroes, and developing the first class team.

Intensive management – focusing on details, precise manufacturing, achieving for best.
Respecting and inclusive—with smooth communication system, “Mistake is better than silence”, advocating the fair and interactive communication culture.
Emphasizing in execution -- make full use of the subjective initiative with active action and brave striving.
Team work – warm and initiative, collaborative, every staff shall bring convenience for the colleague with best service, being colleagues in the work and friends in the life.
Being interesting – working is pleasant with enjoyment, the vigorous and warm corporate culture means to let staffs to discover and enjoy pleasure in working.

quality concept

Product is the key, quality is the foundation, quality is the life of the enterprise, improving the aluminum quality with professional, focused and dedicated spirit, and creating the aluminum brand with quality.

  • Product R&D Innovation Center

    Product is the priority among priorities of aluminum enterprise, Guangyuan Aluminum, basing on advanced 4C marketing theory, through the terminal advantages of real estate enterprises and building materials malls, with complete research on consumer’s demands, guided by the superior product development and design masters and household environment designers, has confirmed the patterns, varieties and developing directions of the products according to the demands, basing on the idea of “from the market and to the market”, combining the market, art, living and technology, Guangyuan Aluminum has emphasized to the product design, product combination and space matching, and is highlighting the advantages with product culture and brand culture.

  • Product Quality Management Center

    Product is the key, quality is the foundation, and quality is the life of the enterprise. Guangyuan Aluminum strictly follows the ISO9001 International Quality Management System, and presents total quality management for products according to the scientific, strict, repeated and improved quality management idea. Guangyuan Aluminum is ensuring the product quality with professional, focused and dedicated manufacturing, and providing products of high cost performance for every client and user.

  • Market Planning Center

    The Planning Center which directly faces the market competition and is specialized in brand operation is undertaking the professional and international marketing planning for the corporate development and propaganda strategy, brand propagation, product orientation and sales. Additionally, the Planning Center is capable of providing consultant type sales planning training service according to the market demands of different partners.

  • Customer Service Center

    Customer Service Center is responsible for providing professional technical consultation, product sales consultation and product quality complaint for terminal clients. With professional market survey and analysis, the Customer Service Center customizes the personalized value-added services for terminal clients. Guangyuan Aluminum insists on the idea of “integrated manufacturer, long term cooperation”, and is providing terminal services with dealers and decoration companies, thus creating the 5-star rated service system.